Plan: True Connect Quick Start

Find out if you and your partners are ready to make your collective vision a reality.

The True Connect Quick Start is a 2-hour session with us that helps identify what you each envision, how you plan to achieve it, and what your ideal outcome looks like. In our conversation, we'll discuss practical matters like who will be investing what in terms of money, skills and other resources, and guidelines for dealing with disagreements that may inevitably arise. Our skilled facilitators ask the tough questions that make partners get real about their commitments and expectations, eliminating the awkwardness that could result from attempting to pose these questions directly to your partner. 

During our session, we will help you craft language for a preliminary partnership agreement that will help guide you during the early phases of your collaboration. You can include target dates and timeframes, as well as specify what actions to take if targets are not met (for example, agree that either party can walk away if targets are not met after 4 months, and specify what each partner can and cannot do with the products or services developed to date).  You may choose to incorporate what you learn in this session into agreements, resolutions, business plans, and other documents that will continue to guide your business and your relationship as partners.