We're Chuck Hunker and Jaime Roth, co-founders of True Connect LLC.  We are committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve their highest vision by working together amicably and effectively. As co-founders and partners ourselves, we understand the benefits and challenges of implementing a vision together. 

Why we started True Connect  : 


This isn't actually about you, but speak to your ideal customer's pain points and problems. Why are they reaching out to you? What do they need? Speak to that, weaving in personal stories as you go.  You're sharing your story as it relates to them, connecting so they know they are in the right place. 

About facilitation and mediation:

Mediation is a process in which people experiencing a conflict or engaged in a difficult discussion sit with one or more neutral intermediaries who help facilitate the dialogue. Facilitation is assisted communication in a group setting, whether or not a conflict exists. A neutral party serving as a mediator or facilitator might help the parties distill the issues down into manageable parts, and create an agenda for the discussion based on the needs of the parties. The neutral listens attentively to all participants and ensures that everyone has an opportunity to be heard. They might reflect back what the parties have expressed, giving all sides an opportunity to clarify what is important to them. These processes honor the parties' self-determination. To this end, neutrals do not impose their own viewpoints or opinions on the participants. If agreements are reached, the neutral will draft a written agreement with the parties' participation.

Why mediation and facilitation for partners and co-founders?

Whether partners are already experiencing conflict, or just starting out together, it can be very difficult to raise thorny issues one-on-one. For new partners starting out, discussions regarding how to split equity and how to ensure that the division of labor is fair and equitable can be difficult, even in the best of circumstances. If one or more partners feels that the arrangement is unfair, or that their partner is not meeting their expectations in some way, it can be incredibly difficult to productively air these concerns. Partners often find themselves in uncomfortable confrontations or, perhaps worse, they avoid confrontation, harbor resentment, and ultimately burn out or resort to litigation, co-founder breakups and other bad outcomes for partners and their businesses.

As mediators and facilitators, we help make these conversations less confrontational and more productive. With new partners and co-founders, we use a broad yet customized agenda that covers the thorniest issues that partners need to discuss. By having us raise some of these issues initially, rather than partners raising issues directly with each other, the discussion flows more easily. By committing to work with us, new partners ensure that they devote the time and energy to laying a strong foundation for their working relationship, rather than aspiring to have those difficult conversations "someday." 

For existing partners in established businesses who are experiencing conflict, we help facilitate productive dialogue and help you explore options for resolution. Resolution may include partners separating from the business, or a so-called "business divorce." We can help you discuss and explore how to work better together or how to walk away, if it comes to that.