develop a solid game plan with an experienced coach

“Experience is merely the name everyone gives to their mistakes” – Oscar Wilde

What if you could start your business with the benefit of other people’s mistakes? You’re betting a lot on your business, but do you have a roadmap that will truly leverage your time and resources efficiently to reach your goal? Don’t waste your time on a tired business plan that will only decorate your bookshelf or recycle bin. Work with an experienced coach who has leveraged his own business successes to help new companies grow and thrive, and has witnessed the mistakes made by those who flamed out. Our coaching sessions get you clear on WHY you’re starting your business, and then fine-tune the HOW to focus your time and resources for

We started True Connect with the business partner relationship in mind. In working on the WHO of a business, we've learned that for many new businesses, much of the WHY and HOW had been neglected or not fully fleshed out. All three considerations – why, who and how – are equally important. Whether you’re starting your business with a partner or on your own, an experienced set of eyes can help you reality-test your vision and plan for execution. We can work with any existing business plan you have already drafted, or we will work with you using our template to get your vision on paper. We meet with you for 3 sessions to ask tough questions, refine, revise, and set you up with a game plan for a win.

A $750 investment includes 3 in-person sessions. If you wish to continue working with us, or check in over time as things grow and change, our hourly consulting fee is $125 per hour.