Better Business Prenup: Steps to Building a Successful Partnership
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Better Business Prenup: Steps to Building a Successful Partnership

This workshop is designed for both new businesses as well as existing business partnerships who are looking to revamp their communication, tackle some tough questions they might not have considered, and identify each individual's goals as well as the long-term vision of the company. Walk away feeling clearer about questions surrounding roles and responsibilities, work styles, financial considerations and more!

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to Aug 11

Conscious Contracts Workshop

What is it?  A two day, highly experiential workshop where participants will learn how to create and operate under “Conscious Contracts.”  Conscious Contracts are legal documents that help business leaders create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with their stakeholders by baking their core values into their legal documents.

Who is it for?  Any business leaders that value strong sustainable relationships with those they and their companies interact with and lawyers who want to serve those leaders.  What’s that?  You thought that since this course is about creating contracts that it would be for lawyers only?  Not this time; conscious contracting is a very client driven and client oriented process, so there’s immense value to the clients in learning firsthand how the work is done.  You should definitely bring your lawyer, but don’t send them alone!

Where is it happening?  Studio 35, 1200 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

When is it happening? Thursday, August 10 and Friday, August 11, 2017.

Lawyers will earn CLE credit. Program approved for 14 credits, including 1 ethics credit.

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